I Took a Hiatus

I haven’t posted in awhile as I took a surprise (even to me) hiatus. 2020 and living in Columbus, Ohio pushed me to take a break, take care of my family, and take care of myself. I have to say while I’m sad that I have neglected my work here, I’ve learned so very much during my break.

Since I’ve moved back to the farm, I have more space for those tiny gardening and small living projects. I may not be a city dweller anymore but I know what it is like to live in a tiny space on an equally tiny budget. Fall and winter are perfect times to plant indoor plants and to prep for spring. This fall and winter I’m going to highlight savvy gardening and indoor gardening for apartments and small gardens. I’m also going to share some secret projects happening around the farm. Big stuff is happening!

Taking this break has given me time to learn so much and plan even more. My next post will be more on the nitty gritty details and inner musings to my long break- as well as to reveal my biggest undertaking yet. For my first post in awhile I’m going to give 5 good reasons why a hiatus is a good thing.

1. It will clear your mind

This is a bit silly to say, but stepping back and telling yourself to not think about the thing you are taking a break from and pushing yourself to focus on other tasks, it’s like a reset button. Getting away can give you time to get back your passion for the thing or even give you time to free up time for it. Or maybe it is time to build experience needed. It will also give you a chance for fresh ideas.

2. Gives you time to figure out the next step

3. Gives you time to reevaluate

Sometimes rethinking how you do your thing is important to finding out where you need to go next or if you need to backtrack to do something different.

4. Gives you time for you

Sometimes the problem in a project is you: the way you are thinking, your mental and energy state, finances, home life, etc. Never discredit taking time for you because when you go down everything else does too, including that thing you need a break from. Sometimes you need to change, research, grieve and heal, and even grow up some.

5. Maybe your thing isn’t for you

Most of us have a lot of denial before we realize we need to leave our project behind. It’s hard to abandon something, you’ve worked too hard for it! But have you considered that burnout it is causing you is because it is not right for you? I’ve found so many of the projects I want to finish aren’t mine to complete- they become too hard for me to continue to work on for one reason or another. Anything from finances to my own mental health have pushed me to give up projects. It is hard and you should grieve over it. But feeling guilty is not good or right. Instead try cutting your losses, grieving for the loss, and turn towards the positive parts about your new direction.

As always, stay tuned, good luck, and stay safe!

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