How to Grow Ginger

Ginger is tasty in teas and to cook with. It also has a few medicinal benefits. But how do you grow this funky looking root? I tried a few different ways, and here is what I found to be successful:

My ginger root sprouts sitting on my windowsill.


  • Gravel
  • Potting soil
  • Some ginger root from the store
  • A container that seals
  • Some type of chlorine free, fertilizer rich water (tutorial coming soon!)

Selecting the right roots

The best way to start is to select roots that look like they have eyes that aren’t shriveled. You also want to select several roots to grow incase one doesn’t grow. If you find some ginger root that is already sprouting, even better! Absolutely snatch that up. But don’t be worried if they all don’t look like they could sprout. Most stores have a type of growth inhibiting spray to stop anything from sprouting.

Step 1:

Soak the roots in chlorine free water for 4 hours or longer. This removes what they have been sprayed with. Make sure to throw out this water as you shouldn’t use it to water the roots in the next steps

Step 2:

Cover the bottom of your container with the small gravel. Cover just enough so there is a single layer and you can barely see the bottom of the container. Ginger doesn’t like to sit in water, but we need to keep some water in there for the natural greenhouse effect for optimal sprouting.

Step 3:

Cover the gravel in soil. Make sure to pat the soil down some and that you can’t see any gravel. It should be anywhere from a half inch to an inch thick.

Step 4:

Place your ginger root on top of the lightly patted soil. Then you cover the roots in soil so you can’t see the ginger. No need to pat the soil down. Just make sure when you water in the next step that the roots don’t uncover.

Step 5:

Using some chlorine free fertilizer water, water the ginger a decent amount. Probably close to a half cup of the water depending on the size of your container. You can also always water more later! If you aren’t sure, don’t add too much.

Step 6:

Place the lid over the container but do not seal. Then place the container somewhere warm, like on top of a fridge or even on top of your internet router. Check it at least once a week. Make sure the soil is always moist, if it isn’t, add some more water. Make sure when you are checking it you open the container. These guys will need some air.

Just started sprouting!

And that’s how you start ginger roots. You’ll need to repot them when you get sprouts about an inch tall. Select a container that is about 3 to 4 inches deep and very wide. I think it took my roots about 2-3 weeks to start sprouting. But growing times will be different for everyone. I’ve heard it can take up to 2 months! Once they start sprouting, place on a nice sunny windowsill!

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