I Took a Hiatus

I haven’t posted in awhile as I took a surprise (even to me) hiatus. 2020 and living in Columbus, Ohio pushed me to take a break, take care of my family, and take care of myself. I have to say while I’m sad that I have neglected my work here, I’ve learned so very much... Continue Reading →

How to Grow Ginger

Ginger is tasty in teas and to cook with. It also has a few medicinal benefits. But how do you grow this funky looking root? I tried a few different ways, and here is what I found to be successful: My ginger root sprouts sitting on my windowsill. Supplies: GravelPotting soilSome ginger root from the... Continue Reading →

Mystery Seedling

About three weeks ago I planted two apple seeds. I check them almost daily. But a weekend or two ago I stayed at my In-laws’ for a night and was not around to check on and care for each of my plants. I come back to find there are three little seedlings in the pot.... Continue Reading →

How to Make a Seed Starter

Seed starters from the store can be expensive and too big for a small apartment. Sometimes those kits don‘t fit my needs. My absolute favorite methods for starting any seeds, roots, or cuttings start with these containers I bought at Walmart. I got 15 of them for $2.50. Now, you can use any plastic or... Continue Reading →

Cat in the Box

Our silly little kitty found a box, but the box was too small. She tried and tried to fit. What a silly little kitty. Veerus is my sweet little baby and is so photogenic. She loves boxes. Any time you put one on the floor, she’s all over it.

Realease of the Geese

On a typical chilly morning at the Kindred Acres Farm, the attack geese are released upon the land. The attack geese patrol in marching order— calling out cadences as they go. But these attack geese think they are sneaky. They will hide outside the barn doors quietly honking and wait for the humans to go... Continue Reading →

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